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Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t stress, we’ve got you covered. If you want to add an Online Billing option for your students, you first need to have a PayPal account. Don’t have PayPal? You can sign up here for free.

If you already have PayPal, then you’re ready to go. Login to your Tutors Nirvana account, and click on Settings. In the Account section, add the email address that is associated with your PayPal account beside PayPal Email Address and you’re done.

It can be dangerous to store certain information online. But hackers aren’t usually interested in a website unless it is storing credit card, or other useful information (like social security numbers). Tutors Nirvana does not store credit card information on any of our servers. We use the world-class merchant service providers PayPal.com to process all of the monthly subscriptions.

You may be worried that others will be able to see your students’ names, phone numbers or addresses. Have no fear! Our databases and servers are fully SSL encrypted and protected by industry standards. That being said, your information is only as safe as your password. We recommend choosing a strong password and changing it a few times a year. All of the passwords on our server are encrypted as well, so we have no way of knowing your password either. If you lose it or forget it, you’ll have to reset your password yourself.

Our software is a business management solution for private tutors which focuses on administrative tasks such as lesson scheduling, invoicing, and assignment creation.

No, one account is all you need. On your tutoring profile, simply list the subjects that you tutor, and students and parents will contact you with their inquiries.

Absolutely! Tutors Nirvana is a great way to market and grow a new private tutoring business. Use of the software is free for everyone, no credit card, no strings attached.

Heck no! We hate contracts and would never expect you to sign one. Tutors Nirvana is free to use. If you ever want to cancel your account, just let us know and that’s it. You’re free and clear.

We have an open forum where tutors can share resources and ideas with other tutors. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to build an online community of tutors? Get the ball rolling here Tutor Support.

Still need answers? Shoot us an email (hello@tutorsnirvana.com) and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours. Heck we’re real people over here, so you’ll probably get an answer even faster!

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