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Our Aim

Tutors Nirvana is for students and tutors. It’s a professional and innovative software that’s easy to use. For tutors, it’s the easiest way to manage and grow their private tutoring business, and for students, it’s the easiest way to connect with tutors. We’ve designed Tutors Nirvana to keep tutors and students on the same page with scheduling, invoicing, payments, assignments, and correspondence. Whether you’re a student or a tutor, Tutors Nirvana will work for you!

Why Tutors Choose Tutors Nirvana?

Why Students and Parents Choose Tutors Nirvana?

Absolutely FREE!

It’s absolutely free to use Tutors Nirvana and list your profile in our open marketplace. Whether you have zero students or ten, we’ll not charge you anything. We are tutors like you and we have developed Tutors Nirvana to manage ours and your tutoring business efficiently.

Professional Tutor Profiles

Tutor profiles are clearly formatted to show tutors’ education background, subjects taught, and hourly fees. Additionally, tutor profiles include social media links, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, which enable prospective students and parents to learn more about a tutor’s experience and credentials.

Effortless Expense & Income Tracking

With notifications and invoices generated by Tutors Nirvana, you'll always know how much your students owe you and they'll know, too! Tutors Nirvana is the easiest way to keep track of your tutoring expenses. You'll finally be able to ditch those messy spreadsheets and handwritten registers, save time with automatic invoicing and if you sign up for online bill payment, that'll be automatic, too!

Simple Search

Just click on Looking for a Tutor and you’ll be taken straight to our open marketplace. Here you can narrow your search with our filters by entering your desired subject, level, and location. Tutor profiles that match your criteria will pop-up and you’ll be able to contact them directly by clicking Contact Me on their profile.

Friendly support

Tutors Nirvana was designed by tutors for tutors. We know what it’s like to grow your own business. It’s not always easy and sometimes you need a helping hand. We’re here for you. Share your ideas and challenges with us, and tell us how we can serve you better. You can send us questions or comments in our forum or shoot us a message here, and we’ll get back to you ASAP. At Tutors Nirvana, our goal is to help you grow and manage your private tutoring business.

Payment Options

With Tutors Nirvana, students only make payments to their tutors. We aren’t the middleman. Some tutors have PayPal accounts, and accept online payments, while others accept cash payments only. All payment negotiations are done with tutors. We’re just providing awesome software to facilitate the student-tutor relationship!