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  • Learning to go private tutoring
    Kansas City, Missouri, United States
    ReadingWritingHomework helpLanguage

    About me: My main goal is to show every student how to better enable themselves in learning. I believe there is not one way to learn - we all have our own way to comprehend. Some students just need the confidence to believe in their way of learning. Once they learn how they understand something they tend to excel in that area.....

    Fee: $20/hr
  • TutorwithKatie
    Mesa, AZ, United States

    About me: I am an experienced educator. After scoring in the top 3% in the nation on an English entrance exam, I taught remedial, regular, honors and gifted and talented English in 8th-10th grade for eight years. While working at a local junior high, my principal called me the best English teacher she has ever seen, parents called....

    Fee: 25.00 per hour if I tutor in my home or online. 30.00 per hour if I tutor in the student's home
  • Love To Learn Tutoring Service
    N. Potomac, Maryland, United States
    MathReading/Writing/MathADHD and Exec. Function Coach

    About me: I have been teaching over 36 years and have been tutoring for over 10 years. I recently retired from Montgomery County Public Schools in MD to focus on tutoring students. I specialize in tutoring students with ADHD, Executive Function Disorder and Differentiated Learning Styles. I start students in grades K-5 and continue serving them through Grade 8. I....

    Fee: Please contact me for rates. Fee dependent on service.
  • Affordable tutoring
    Port Elizabeth, Eastern Cape, South Africa
    MathematicsNatural SciencesEMSAfrikaans FAL

    About me: I am a student studying towards my degree in primary school education. I strongly believe that all students have the ability to learn and be successful. I aim to assist them in achieving their goals and develop a positive attitude towards their education. I have a passion for helping children and assisting them in feeling confident and happy with themselves.....

    Fee: R 80 per hour
  • Thomas Arte of Teaching
    Morrow, Georgia, United States
    MathReadingLanguage Arts

    About me: I started Home Schooling my 3 kids when they were in the 3rd 5th and 7th Grade. They also attended Public School as well. My two oldest Graduated from Home School in 2015 and 2016. Also, I tutored 4 Senior High School students and they all Graduated from Home School this year of June 2016. I love teaching one on....

    Fee: Varies Based on Grade level -
  • Meagan Teaches
    Suffolk, VA, United States
    EnglishReadingTest SkillsWriting

    About me: I am a Virginia-licensed teacher since 2012. I have taught in the middle school classroom, and I most recently taught a multi-age class of grades 1-3 at a private school. My tutoring students have ranged from 5 years old to adults. I pre-prepare individualized lessons and work prior to each session based on your child's needs. I love tutoring because....

    Fee: $15 per hour (less than 10 mile travel radius, $20 per hour (more than a 10 mile travel radius)
  • Penner Tutoring Services
    Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
    ESLEnglish editingTest Preparation

    About me: As a former academic coordinator at an English language school in Victoria, I have experience working with a diverse group of English language learners, and know the challenges of starting over in Canada. I'm a TESL certified teacher with over 15 years' experience tutoring English to children and adults in Canada, Thailand, and Korea. With a passion for learning and....

    Fee: $25 per hour
  • Inspiring Minds Tutoring
    Kissimmee, Florida, United States
    Test PrepSpanishPsychologyBusiness Education

    About me: Hello! My name is Maria Gelabert. I was born and raised almost my entire life in Puerto Rico. I moved with my children to Colorado in 2006 and fell in love with the state. In Colorado I decided to become a teacher. I love teaching students and helping them succeed. Since then I have helped countless students be successful in and....

    Fee: $25 per hour
  • Sabrina Tutoring
    Santa Monica, CA, Australia

    About me: Let's see...my name is Sabrina and I've been teaching math to middle school, high school, and college students since my 2nd year of university. I work for UCLA as an assistant professor, but my true passion is one-on-one tutoring with kids in my community. When I'm not tutoring, you can find me playing softball, trying to perfect my Spanish, and....

    Fee: $20/hour, $300/month
  • Lisa's Tutoring Service
    Princeton, NJ, United States
    Spanish (AP)Spanish (All levels)HistoryUS History (AP)

    About me: I grew up in Southern California, went to college in New York City, and traveled throughout Spain and Latin America (mainly Chile, Argentina, & Cuba) before moving to Princeton to get my doctoral degree in 2011. The courses I have taught at Princeton include: Beginning Spanish (SPA 101, Fall 2011; SPA 102, Spring 2011), Intensive Beginner’s and Intensive Beginner’s and Intermediate....

    Fee: 55

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